Home School Workshop Programs

Liberty Science Center offers Home School Workshops for families who wish to supplement their science curriculum with an inquiry-based, hands-on adventure that will foster children's curiosity. Our home school sessions are divided into three groups: Adventurers (ages 4-7), Investigators (ages 8-11), and Specialists (ages 12-14).

Reservations are required for these programs. Please call our Reservations Department at 201.253.1310 or email sales@lsc.org.

The program, each lasting from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm, is structured in such a way that families with multiple children of different ages can have a shared, age-appropriate educational experience. We unify the experience each month by celebrating a different scientist. The whole group comes together to learn more about the person's scientific contributions before breaking out into smaller, age-focused groups for hands-on inquiry.

2018-19 Schedule

Jonas Salk

Tuesday, Oct. 9

With the flu season upon us, students will explore germs, the definition of a virus, and more as we celebrate Jonas Salk and his development of the polio vaccine.

Patricia Bath

Tuesday, Nov. 6

Patricia Bath believed that eyesight was a “basic human right." In this program, students will investigate how we see and how Bath improved the lives of cataract patients.

Grace Hopper

Tuesday, Dec. 4

In this program, students will learn to do some simple to complex coding as we celebrate Grace Hopper and her revolutionary first compiler.

Marie M. Daly

Tuesday, Jan. 8

In this program, students will explore the heart and circulatory system as we learn more about Marie M. Daly, the first African-American women to receive a Ph.D in chemistry in the US.

Lonnie G. Johnson

Tuesday, Feb. 5

In this program, we will learn more about Lonnie G. Johnson, the NASA engineer and inventor of the classic children’s toy, the Super Soaker.

Maurice & Katia Krafft

Tuesday, March 19

Maurice and Katia Krafft devoted their lives to the study and documentation of volcanoes. In this program, students will learn more about these structures and the work of these French volcanologists, Maurice & Katia Krafft.

Matthias Jakob Schleiden

Tuesday, April 2

In this program, students will study the work of Matthias Jakob Schleiden whose work led to the idea that all plants and animals are made up of cells.

Mary Anning

Tuesday, May 14

Credited with the first discovery of ichthyosaur fossils, Mary Anning will be the subject of this month’s program as students explore what it means for something to be a fossil, how fossils are formed, and what they can tell us about life long ago.

Charles Richard Drew

Tuesday, June 18

During this program, students will learn more about blood typing and the work of African-American surgeon Charles Richard Drew.