What Can Young Visitors Do?

Young children are natural scientists, taking in every detail in the world around them. Explore our exhibition floors and enjoy programs LSC has developed just for learners ages 2 - 5.

I Explore

This gallery is devoted exclusively to guests ages 2 - 5. Visit the wall-mounted light board where kids can explore light and color by creating illuminated designs with bright, oversized pegs. Set lightweight balls in motion through a giant air maze of clear tubing, powered by a vacuum. There is a fanciful ball-launching machine, a climbing challenge perfectly scaled for younger guests, and many other engaging experiences. Young-learner specialists lead "Story Time" and the group exploration "We Explore"—seasonally themed—inside the gallery space. Check "Today at LSC" for programs' start times. (Second Floor)

More Exhibitions

Nearly every exhibition gallery has features and activities just right for young learners. A few favorites:

  • Wear a safety vest and hardhat to experience the excitement of a construction site with large machines and build-it-yourself activities in Skyscraper! (First Floor).
  • Visit huge tanks of fish and other creatures in Our Hudson Home (Fourth Floor). Check "Today at LSC" for the Touch Tank schedule.
  • Crawl through tubes and investigate the immune system in Infection Connection (Third Floor) before dodging a wet sneeze from the big blue nose.
  • Try the fossil studded climbing wall, challenging puzzles, and a giant bubble wall in Wonder Why (Third Floor).
  • Play with fans and cranks in Energy Quest (Fourth Floor).
  • Leave a glowing digital handprint in Communication (Third Floor).
  • See brightly colored poison dart frogs, stick insects, hissing cockroaches, and scores of other animals in Eat and Be Eaten (Third Floor), including Tortellini, the Science Center's red-footed tortoise!

Young Learner Days

This day is for our youngest guests, grades Pre-K through 3, to explore Liberty Science Center with other students their own age. Young Learner Days will be held Oct. 16, 2018 and April 10, 2019. During the nationally observed Week of the Young Child, April 8 - 12, 2019, the Center will celebrate young learners with special programming every day.

Facilities & Amenities

Two large elevators and wide hallways make the building easy to navigate with a stroller. You can park a stroller outside I Explore.

Each floor includes private family restrooms with changing tables. A special nursing room is available. Please visit the Welcome Desk or ask an associate for access.

Families may also appreciate:

  • water fountains and hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.
  • age-appropriate educational toys, books, and games in Connections: The Store.
  • plenty of healthful, kid-friendly food choices in Cafe Skylines.
  • lockers available for rent.