Crawl, climb, and claw your way through the urban jungle

Could you survive as a wild animal living among streets, sidewalks, and sewers? Find out at Wildlife Challenge. Trust your animal instincts as you confront the same tests urban wildlife face every day. Are you up to the challenge?

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Location: 2nd Floor, outside

The exhibition may be closed during inclement weather.

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  • Squirrels use their long tails to balance. Try scurrying across narrow beams using your arms for balance.
  • Egrets navigate thick grass and deep mud with narrow bodies and wide feet. Can you make your way through a soft, misty field of bamboo?
  • Worms wriggle with their complex system of muscles. Use your muscles to squirm among a worm burrow of giant balls.
  • Spiders climb webs using just the tips of their legs, which often have tiny claws and toothed bristles. Try crawling across a suspended web without getting stuck.
  • Pretend to be a white-tailed deer and practice your camouflage skills in a covered passageway.

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