Join Sesame Street friends in an out-of-this-world planetarium show

Explore the night sky with Bird Bird, Elmo, and a friend from China named Hu Hu Zhu! In this show, you'll learn about the Big Dipper, the North Star, the Sun and the Moon.

Visitor info

Location: Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Duration: 30 minutes

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Today (21.05.19)

1:20 pm

Wed (22.05.19)

1:20 pm

Thu (23.05.19)

1:20 pm

Fri (24.05.19)

1:20 pm

Sat (25.05.19)

1:20 pm

Sun (26.05.19)

1:20 pm

Mon (27.05.19)

1:20 pm

Please note: Showtimes are subject to change.

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